How can I get involved with SGH FE?2023-11-16T11:19:11-08:00

All physicians actively working at Squamish General Hospital are automatically represented by the Medical Staff Association. If you would like more information, please get in touch with our MSA President by filling out the form on our Contact Us page.

What is Facility Engagement?2023-11-14T15:22:23-08:00

TheĀ Facility Engagement Initiative is a program funded through the Physician Master Agreement (PMA) – a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Ministry of Health, the 5 BC health authorities and Doctors of BC (DoBC). The Specialist Services Committee (SSC) at DoBC disperses Facility Engagement funds on a sliding scale to acute care facilities with in-patient beds around the province. Squamish General Hospital is a Tier 2 site (21-50 beds) and receives $150K annually in Facility Engagement (FE) funding.

The main purpose of FE funding is to increase meaningful physician involvement in health authority decisions about the work environment and delivery of patient care. The Squamish General Hospital MSA holds fiduciary responsibility for FE funds; decisions regarding projects and use of funds are made by the SGH Facility Engagement Working Group. The FE Working Group is led by the Chair and the MSA President.

How are the MSA and Facility Engagement connected?2023-01-16T18:39:03-08:00

Facility Engagement funds flow through the SGH MSA, who signs an agreement annually with the Specialist Services Committee at Doctors of BC. The SGH MSA also provides governanceĀ  and oversight of the Facility Engagement Working Group.

I have an idea for a Facility Engagement activity or project – how do I apply for funding?2023-11-16T11:33:30-08:00

Visit the FE Funding for Activities page on our website for information, funding guidelines, and to access the funding proposal application form. Please reach out to the Project Manager and Project Coordinator with any questions prior to submitting your application at [email protected].

What is FEMS?2023-11-14T15:28:55-08:00

Watch this video to learn about the Facility Engagement Management System (FEMS).

How do I sign up for FEMS?2023-11-14T15:30:58-08:00

You can register for FEMS on your desktop (instructions here) or via the mobile app (instructions here).

Register for VoPay (direct deposit) following these instructions here.

How do I submit a claim through FEMS?2023-11-14T15:29:44-08:00

You can find out how to submit a claim through FEMS here.

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